Bergen in Norway : A colorful wooden city

I went to Bergen in 2009 and i was charmed by this beautiful town. Bergen is the Norway’s second largest city and is located in the south west of the country. Founded more than 900 years ago, Bergen has roots to the Viking Age. The city is surrounded by seven mountains and is a gateway to the fjords (fjord is a long,narrow,deepinlet of theseabetweensteepslopes).

Bergen is one of the most charming and warm city i have ever been. I loved the colorful wooden houses, the narrow streets and the nature around the town. It is a  delightful and welcoming city despite the bad weather! It rains a lot, that’s why the symbol of the city is the umbrella! My mother took these photos.




DSCF0812 - Copie

DSCF0811 - Copie



I went to the exquisite restaurant “Bryggen Tracteursted” which is located on the old wharf in Bergen. It is an old house dating back to 1708. Bryggen offers a historic experience of the Hanseatic city of Bergen. The decor is authentic and warm with original wooden walls, tables and chairs. The restaurant serves Norwegian meals like fish soups, marinated smoked salmon, the famous Bergen stew “pottekjøtt”…




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