The vintage illustrator Valentine Sandberg

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Born in Sweden in 1881, Valentine Sandberg was an illustrator. He did covers for many magazines such as Success, Harper’s Weekly, Life, Sunday Magazine, Home Life, Modern Priscilla, Judge, and People’s Popular Monthly. He did also ads for brands like … Continue reading

The vintage fashion illustrator Eric (Carl Erickson)

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Carl Oscar August Erickson (1891-1958),  also known as Eric, was an American fashion illustrator. From 1925 to  his death in 1958, he collaborated with British and French Vogue. He also drew advertisings for brands like Coty and Elizabeth Arden. Pretty … Continue reading

The Art Deco fashion illustrator Georges Lepape

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The French artist Georges Lepape (1887-1971) was a wellknown fashion illustrator. He illustrated Paul Poiret collections (“Les choses de Paul Poiret… vues par Georges Lepape” 1911) but also Jeanne Lanvin creations. He collaborated with famous fashion magazines such as “La … Continue reading

The Art Deco fashion illustrator Helen Dryden

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Helen Dryden (1887-1981) was an American artist who collaborated with Vogue during 13 years (1909-1922). She made fashion illustrations and covers for Vogue. Her drawings are graceful with an Art Deco style.

The vintage fashion illustrator Marcel Vertès

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Marcel Vertès (1895-1961) was a Hungarian/French illustrator, painter and printmaker. He illustrated covers for fashion magazine such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. He also illustrated ads for Schiaparelli perfumes and cosmetics. His illustrations are graceful, delicate and often decorated with … Continue reading