Dancing at the Tabarin ball

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Co fashion’s dress. Jan Sluijters painted “Bal Tabarin” in 1907. Born in Holland, Jan Sluijters (1881-1957) was a Modern painter. He was a member of the circle of Modern art, founded in 1910 in Amsterdam which gather Modern painter who … Continue reading

Easter sweets

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The teddy bear in milk chocolate, the pinapple in dark chocolate and the bunny in white chocolate are from the French pastry Karamel Paris. The funny bunny with yellow glasses in dark chocolate is a creation of the French pastry … Continue reading

La Seine illuminée par les lumières de la ville

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La Seine a de la chance Elle n’a pas de souci Et quand elle se promène Tout le long de ses quais Avec sa belle robe verte Et ses lumières dorées Notre-Dame jalouse Immobile et sévère Du haut de toutes … Continue reading

Celebrating Christmas with marvellous pastries

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