Caspita Jewelry

Caspita is a Swiss luxury jewelry brand created by Arlène Bonnant. The jewelry are real pieces of art with geometric shapes which remind me Moorish patterns. I love the Caspita jewelry’s geometry and colours. The shapes are very inspired and original. If you like Oriental and Indian geometrical patterns you would like Caspita. Besides, “Caspita” is a lovely and great name. It is an italian word which means in french “ma parole!” and in english “good heavens!”.

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Moorish stars

This geometric figure is called an “eight-pointed star” ; it is formed by two overlapping squares. This form is a very famous pattern in the islamic arts. It symbolises the synthese between the circle (symbol of the divin, of the origin and of the perfection) and the square (symbol of the earthly and of the creation).

Under the rainbow



Iris (rainbow in Greek) is the rainbow deesse and messager of the gods. She is charged to deliver the divine messages to the mortals. The rainbow is the Iris manifestation ; it is the bridge between the earth and the sky. To the poets, the rainbow is the track of the Iris’s foot when she descends quickly from the Olympus to the earth. They also name the rainbow as the Iris’s scarf.

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Art Nouveau jewelry

Art Nouveau (or Art nouille) is an artistic movement of late 19th century and early 20th century, characterized by sinuous lines and designs inspired by the nature (flowers, trees…). Alphonse Mucha, Elizabeth Sonrel and Gaspar Camps are renowned Art Nouveau illustrators.

Art Nouveau flowers

Klimt painting and René Lalique brooch.
Art Nouveau (or Art nouille) is an artistic movement of late 19th century and early 20th century, characterized by sinuous lines and designs inspired by the nature (flowers, trees…). Gustav Klimt is a renowned Art Nouveau illustrators.

The Beethoven frieze by Gustav Klimt

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The Beethoven frieze by Gustav Klimt is a 34 metres mural painting representing an interpretation of the “Ninth Symphony” by Ludwig Van Beethoven. It is composed of three successive scenes : – The torments of Humanity (disease, madness, death, lust, … Continue reading

Dreaming of a delicious summer

Lost in thoughts,
I dream of a flowered and delicious summer.
The taste of ripe fruits,
The heady perfume of flowers
come to me.
I look forward to the arrival of summer,
Season of joy and hope.


Favourite actresses

acteurs favoris


1 : Danielle Darrieux / 2 : Sandrine kiberlain / 3: Audrey Fleurot / 4 : Catherine Frot / 5 : Allison Janney / 6 : Bette Davis / 7 : Jessica Chastain / 8 : Keira Knightley / 9 : Gene Tierney / 10 : Natalie Wood / 11 : Michelle Pfeiffer / 12 : Jean Arthur / 13 : Ava Gardner / 14 : Audrey Hepburn / 15 : Shirley MacLaine / 16 : Claudette Colbert / 17 : Rita Hayworth / 18 : Julie Harris / 19 : Julianna Margulies / 20 : Emily Blunt / 21 : Jane Fonda / 22 : Emma Thompson / 23 : Rose Byrne / 24 : Elizabeth Taylor.

The illustrator of children books  Jane Ray

Jane Ray is an English illustrator of children books. I admire her universe and the way she illustrates. Her style is unique and recognizable : frises, gold, enchanted nature, starry sky, exquisite details, poetry… It is a pleasure and  a delight to contemplate her draws. I love particulary “Magical tales” and “Mythical birds and beats from many lands” by Margaret Mayo and illustated by Jane Ray.

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Russian royalty

This painting representing a Russian princess has been realised by Vladislav Nagornov.


 Vladislav Nagornov was born in 1974 in Penza. In 2001 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts with specialty in historical genre. The Russian artists of the 19th century like Repin, Surikov and Ivanov serve as an inspiration for him.