A charming journey in Amsterdam, Holland (2011)

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I went to Amsterdam, Holland, in August 2011 and i was charmed by the canals, the beautiful house fronts and the flower market. It is a complex and paradoxal city : there is a peaceful atmosphere (canals, bikes, vegetation…) but … Continue reading

Alexandra book Cafe / Cafe Párisi in Budapest, Hungary (2016)

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It is now named “Cafe Párisi“. It is within a bookshop. The baroque decor is splendid with chandeliers, gildings and ceiling frescoes. Among cakes proposed here, there is the Eszterházy torta. It is a Hungarian cake invented in Budapest in … Continue reading

The Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna (2)

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Fabergé’s egg pendant and portrait of Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna. The Russian jewelry House Fabergé was founded by Gustav Fabergé (1814-1893). His son, Peter Carl Fabergé (1846-1920) is the famous Russian jeweler who created the famous Fabergé Eggs (Easter eggs were … Continue reading

The picturesque Great Market Hall of Budapest, Hungary (2016)

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The Great Market Hall in Budapest was built in 1897. On the ground zero, there are a food market and grocery products. And upstairs, there are souvenirs, clothes, bags… Website : budapestmarkethall.com

The Gerbeaud café in Budapest, Hungary (2016)

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I ate the famous Palascinta (Hungarian sweet pancakes) at the Gerbeaud café in Budapest, in 2016. It is a pastry with a blend of several flavours (apricot, walnuts, vanilla and chocolate). The atmosphere and decoration are elegant, chic and timeless. … Continue reading

A Precious and flowered garden for Christmas at the department store Bon Marché in Paris

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This year, the Parisian department store Bon marché Rive gauche created a wonderful Christmas tree with flowers, gold branches and balls based on the famous Fabergé eggs.

A wonderful Christmas at Baden Baden in Germany (2016)

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Baden Baden is a wonderful and pretty city in Germany. Christmas is a very present tradition in Germany like in Alsace, France. The streets, shop windows, trees are decorated ; it is a magical atmosphere. Continue reading