About Missloveschic

Welcome to my dreamlike, joyful and geometric universe with an Oriental touch! Imaginary flowers rub shoulders with geometric figures… Simmetry, taste for Orient, gold and colors are part of my DNA.

My design with iris…

Admiring beautiful things lights up life and inspires dreams” is my mantra. Seing graceful patterns or jewels cheers me up…

I have many influences and sources of inspirations : Byzantine art and jewelry, Arab-Norman art, Indian jewelry, Optical art, Art Deco, nature…

My roots (French woman born in Paris with Tunisian, Swiss, Syrian and Italian origins) and my family’s history (my mother lived in Morocco and Algeria) also shaped my artistic work. I have also origins in the French regions “Alsace”, “Bourgogne” and “Franche-comté”.

Riva, my cat and muse (She likes green salad and biting hands!)


Since 2015, i have been managing my websitemissloveschic.com“. I have been writing articles about fashion, art, travel and cinema. I also have been designing images using photography and drawing. Besides, i have been making jewels with fine gemstones (beads).

I have a training in business law, strategic marketing and luxury goods and services management.

My academic formation

Moreover, i learned jewelry making for two year ; i made pendants and rings. I learned how to saw brass, braze, file and how to make metal (brass) shine (“aviver” in French).

Missloveschic is a Parisian independant brand (INPI registered trademark since April 2023) which builds on the expertise and experience of well-established companies : The American company Shapeways (founded in 2007) for jewelry, the London-based company Contrado (founded in 2002) for scarves and the American company Zazzle (launched in 2005) for stationery.

Shapeways (jewelry), Contrado (scarves) and Zazzle (stationery)

As a Parisian woman, i have a taste for high-end quality products and for the art of accessoring. Wearing chic accessories is like wrapping yourself in elegance and glamour. In 2012, i chose the name of “Missloveschic” because i love the chic flair (alliance of elegance and glamour). When something such as wearing a jewel or a scarf makes you more joyful and confident, then it’s not frivolous.

Missloveschic’s silk scarf and gold plated brass earrings

I believe in sustainability (high-end quality), slow fashion (made on-demand) and in the compromise between new technologies (numeric print on silk and 3D printed jewelry) and craftmanship (tailor-made scarves and hand-polished jewels). Innovation and heritage from the past can be reunited and be complementary.

Jewelry and gemmology have always been my passions with cinema, pattern design and travel. Jewels are precious and sentimental objets ; symbols of beauty and continuity in the time… Jewels last over time and can be passed on from one generation to another. The bright colors of the stones and the radiance of gold enlighten any outfit and mood!

My passions

My jewels are 3D printed by Shapeways on demand (more than 1 million customers worldwide since 2007). 3D printing gives me the ability to design jewels with intricate and meticulous details.Shapeways uses the Lost wax casting technique : the model is printed in wax with a specialized high-resolution 3D printer. It is then put into a container where liquid plaster is poured in around it. Once the plaster sets, the wax is melted out in a furnace, and the remaining plaster becomes the mold. Molten metal is poured into this mold and set to harden. The plaster is broken away, revealing the new product. The metal is then cleaned and hand polished.”

3D printed jewelry made on demand enables the decrease of environnemental impact and fights against overconsumption and waste. It also allows customization with a large choice of materialsMy jewels are available in yellow and rose gold plated brass (0,5 micron ; similar to the “gilded with fine gold” jewels in France), silver (925), vermeil (2,5 microns gold plated on 925 silver) and in 9k yellow gold, 9k rose gold, 14k pink gold, 14k white gold and in 18k yellow gold. My shop : shapeways.com/shops/missloveschic.

Missloveschic’s yellow gold plated pendant (“Celestial bodies of Orient“)

I also create silk scarves. I express my fancy on silk ; drawing and photography are two disciplines i use when i am designing scarves. Wearing silk, it’s wreathing ourselves in a smooth, luxurious, natural and soft fabric. There is no more chic than silk! Contrado produced my scarves (numeric print) on demand (no stock)  and are tailor-made in England. My shop : missloveschic.myshopify.com.

I wear my twill silk scarf named “Dreamlike flowers at night“.


Lastly, i create stationery : postcards and wrapping paper. Huge collector of postcards, i always have been interested in stationery. The American company Zazzle produces it. Zazzle has been providing products for 30 millions of customers since the launch in 2005. My shop : zazzle.fr/store/missloveschic.

My social media accounts : X (Twitter), Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Behance, DeviantArt, Youtube and Tumblr.