The French Empress Josephine

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Portrait of the French Empress Josephine of Beauharnais (first wife of Napoleon I) by the painter Jean Louis Viger, a plate of the dining service of Napoleon I in the Tuileries and French Empire style patterns. Joséphine de Beauharnais (1763-1814) … Continue reading

La belle Orientale

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André Suréda portrait and my designs (flower background and frieze). André Suréda (1872-1930) was a French orientalist painter who painted mostly North Africa.

La belle assoupie

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Mix of two paintings of André Sureda (1872-1930) and my design made with photoshop based on my two photos (Sky and pink flowers). André Suréda (1872-1930) was a French orientalist painter. He painted portraits and landscapes in North Africa (especially … Continue reading

Une jeune femme Byzantine

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My photos of mosaics of the Santa Maria dell’ Ammiraglio (Martonara) in Palermo, Sicily and illustration of a Byzantine woman (Pinterest). This church (1149) is an example of the Arab-Norman architecture (10th-12th centuries) in Sicily. This style mingled Byzantine (gold … Continue reading