Temple St. Clair jewelry

This jewelry house was found in 1986 by Temple St. Clair Carr in Florence, Italy. Collaborating with the finest goldsmiths, she creates gold jewels decorated with colored gemstones (blue moonstones, sapphires, tourmalines, colombian emeralds, rubies…). Her jewelry is also characterised by  the crystal amulets, the ancient jewelry’s inspiration, the triple granulation and the archer’s granule.  “Granulation is a goldsmith’s technique whereby the surface of a jewel is decorated with small spheres of precious metal, named granules, according to a design pattern.” Recognized for her talent, Temple St. Clair was awarded the GEM Award for Jewelry Design in 2016.



The photographer Jean-Marie Périer

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Jean-Marie Périer is a famous French photographer. I like particulary his work during the sixties. From 1962 to 1974, he was the photographer of the French magazine “Salut les copains”, along with the artists of the sixties. He photographed French … Continue reading