Delicious Advent calendars

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Advent calendars to drink : Advent calendars to degust : Photo sources :,,,,,,,,,, and

Tea time in Paris 7

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The gold bowls (ZEN) and the tea pots (LUCKY STAR and BRÛLE PARFUM) are  from Mariage Frères.  In addition, the bookcase dates from the 19th century and is in speckled mahogany and gilt bronze. Besides, the red silk peonies are from Wayfair … Continue reading

Favourite tea times in Paris 16

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The white cups (Manoir tasse à café sans soucoupe) are from Villeroy & Boch. Besides, the background represents Paris and is from the Disney movie “The aristocats”.

A gourmet and flowered tea : “Coquelicot gourmand” by Dammann Frères

“Coquelicot gourmand” is a wonderful perfumed black tea at once gourmet (biscuits and almond paste) and flowered (poppies, cornflowers and rose peonies). This tea is a delight!

coquelicot gourmand thé

We can purchase this tea on the official website :