Favourite afternoon teas in Paris 8

Tea time paris 8...

This floral wall was designed by Nicolas Gilsoul for the tenth anniversary of the exhibition “Jardins, Jardin”. Moreover, the cups are from Villeroy & Boch (Manoir tasse à café sans soucoupe).

“Une souris et des hommes” in Paris : When literature and pastry meet

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“Une souris et des hommes” is a charming and cosy tea house where we can degust beautiful and delicious pastries, drinking tea from Palais des thés and read books! The name “Une souris et des hommes” (“A mouse and men”) … Continue reading

An enchanting timeless breakfast at Angelina

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I tasted the breakfast at the famous Tea house Angelina in Paris. Angelina was founded in 1903 by Antoine Rumpelmayer and the decoration was designed by the famous Belle Epoque architect Edouard-Jean Niermans. The decor is finely-worked and sophisticated with … Continue reading

A chic Russian tea time at the “Café Pouchkine” in Paris

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Café Pouchkine is one of my favourite pastry houses because the pastries are sumptuous and it transports us in a magnificent Russian universe! Cakes are very refined gustatory and visually. French pastries are revisited with Russian products and some Russian … Continue reading

A joyful and childish tea time at “tea Lichou” in Paris 

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It is a colorful and very cosy tea house. Tea Lichou has a warm and colorful atmosphere with colored frames on a wall and comfortable couches and armchairs. It has also a childish universe with swing chairs, children’s books and … Continue reading

A chic and charming tea time at “Acide” in Paris

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The pastries are delicious and decorated with refinement. The decor is tasteful and adorable! In addition, the Russian blue tea service is magnificent! More precisely, it is the model : “Russian LOMONOSOV porcelain of St-Petersburg” (Cobalt net). Besides, there is … Continue reading