Un été parmi les fleurs

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Dolce Gabbana’s dress, a mix of two photos of Santa Cruz of Tenerife (mine) and flower earrings (Shoptiques’ pink flower earrings , Christopher Thompson’s poppy earrings and Oscar de la Renta’s red flower earrings). More photos of Santa Cruz of … Continue reading

Old Hollywood stars at the swimming pool

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Elizabeth Taylor : Gene Tierney : Ava Gardner : Grace Kelly : Natalie Wood : Rita Hayworth :

Un souffle de liberté

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Raoul’s dress, Oscar de la renta’s seagull earrings and photo of an Adaje beach, in Tenerife (taken by me). Another photos of an Adaje beach :

Souvenirs d’été

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Tara Jarmon’s dress, Syrette Lew of Mountain’s Palmyra palm tree lamp and a photo of mine taken in Tenerife (beach of Adaje). Adeje is a city and a municipality, located in the south of Tenerife. Tenerife is one of the … Continue reading

Un été acidulé

Vika Gazinskaya’s dress and lemon tree leaves
“Elle a l’air d’avoir été sculptée dans un citron, de sorte que, quand elle se presse l’esprit, le citron s’entrouvre au dessous du nez et les paroles qui coulent sont acidulées.” Sacha Guitry – Bloompott

Old Hollywood stars at the beach

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A sparkling night in Versailles

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Every Saturday from June 18 to September 17 2016, the gardens of the Château de Versailles offer stunning fireworks in front of the Grand Canal. I saw amazing and beautiful fireworks in July. It is a wonderful spectacle. For more … Continue reading

Dreaming of a delicious summer

Lost in thoughts,
I dream of a flowered and delicious summer.
The taste of ripe fruits,
The heady perfume of flowers
come to me.
I look forward to the arrival of summer,
Season of joy and hope.