Orient in the spotlight

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Finesse of the lines and delicacy of the details for this sunny pendant. Orient is honored… A play on contrast between perforated shapes and full parts. 18k yellow gold plated brass pendant (0,5 micron) named “Orient breath”. You can purchase … Continue reading

Art Deco in love

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An Art Deco inspired pendant with scrolls. Scrolls were used during the art Deco period (1910s-1930s). This is a unique and openwork jewel with a contrast between filled parts and empty ones letting the skin appearing… 18k yellow gold plated … Continue reading

Un air oriental

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Four Oriental stars intertwine and create a luminous and precious harmony. I have always been fascinated by Moorish art and geometric mosaics. 18k yellow gold plated brass pendant i designed and named “Oriental harmony“. There is a pendant ring at … Continue reading

Golden doves in the clouds

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Doves with shiny wings cross the sky as shooting stars. Delicate scrolls adorn the bird’s tail. This jewel is inspired by the Huguenot cross.Dove’s dimensions : 28,91 x 36,85 x 1,2mm.The ear wires are not included but you can purchase … Continue reading

Arabesques in love

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These earrings are adorned of elegant arabesques. Sinuous shapes form a harmonious and graceful set. Arabesque’s dimensions : 27,45 x 41,19 x 1mm. 18k yellow gold plated brass earrings i designed. I named it “Arabesques“. You can purchase it : shapeways.com. … Continue reading

Luminous Art Deco swirls in the dark

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This pendant is inspired by the Art Deco period (1910s-1930s). This jewel represents my absolute love for scrolls. Scroll patterns were popular during the art movement Art Deco. Suzanne Belperron was a famous Art Deco jewelry designer ; she loved … Continue reading

The mysterious diamond-shaped symbol

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I imagined a diamond-shaped which is lightly rounded, containing a smaller one. I drew a curve and duplicated it without knowing where i went…It results in a geometric and symmetric shape which can appear as an esoteric symbol. 18k yellow … Continue reading