Petals of cherry blossoms carried away by the wind

There is a beautiful Haiku (short poem) by Kakimoto Tae from 1893 translated in French :
Au ciel s’en vont
Les pétales de cerisiers
D’une seule envolée.

Translated in English by me :
To the sky are going
The petals of cherry trees
By one flight.

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The fashion designer Antonio Marras

Born in Alghero (Sardinia), Antonio Marras presented for the first time an eponym collection in 1996, focusing on craft techniques and inspired from his natal island (folkloristic kitsch style, ligazzio rubio …). In 1999, he founded his own label of prêt-à-porter distinguished by the recurent theme of red threads (ligazzio rubio in Sardinian language) but also by the use of luxury fabrics, luxurious embroideries, decorative details, visible seams, vintage touches and mix of patterns, shapes…

From 2003 to 2011, Antonio Marras had been the artistic director of the Kenzo fashion house (property of the French luxury goods group, LVMH). Despite his international career,  he still lives in Alghero where he draws his creativity and inspiration from the Sardinia. His clothes are elegant, creative, inspired (baroque, Sardinian designs, seventies…) and decorated with exquisite and unique patterns and embroideries. He mixes beautifully patterns, fabrics, forms and colours. I love particulary his floral prints, embroideries , dresses and coats. It is a real delight to admire the Antonio Marras garments.

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