Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily

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My photos of the Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily and an earthenware orange tree i bought in Sicily. In Piazza Armerina, this villa was built in the 4th century AD and is adorned with exquisite mosaics. Source : italymagazine

Copenhagen in Denmark (2012)

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Carl Jacobsen presented his bronze and granite statue representing the little mermaid in 1913, in Copenhagen. The sculpture was inspired by the ballerina Ellen Price who danced in the ballet “The little mermaid” at the Royal Danish theatre in Copenhagen. … Continue reading

The Georges Fouquet’s jewelry shop designed by the Art nouveau artist Mucha

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The Art nouveau artist Mucha collaborated with the jeweller Georges Fouquet ; they created jewels. These jewels were exhibited at the Paris World Fair in 1900. It was a great success. In 1901, Alphonse Mucha is chosen by Georges Fouquet … Continue reading