Favourite quotes in French classic movies (3)

Drôle de drame” directed by Marcel Carné, 1937, starring Louis Jouvet and Michel Simon :

The Bishop (Louis Jouvet) : I said “bizarre, bizarre”? How strange it is… Why would i have said “bizarre, bizarre”? Molyneux (Michel Simon) : I assure you, dear cousin, that you said strange, strange. The Bishop : I said “bizarre”? How bizarre it is…

Knock” directed by Guy Lefranc in 1951 and starring Louis Jouvet :

Doctor Knock (Louis Jouvet) : Did it tickle you, or did it itch you?

Le Schpountz” directed by Marcel Pagnol in 1938 and starring Fernandel :

About Fernandel’s character : “I don’t say that you are good for nothing, i say to you that you are bad at everything!”

Le Scpountz

La traversée de Paris” directed by Claude Antant-Lara, 1956 and starring Bourvil and Jean Gabin :

What did you come on earth, have you not shame to exist? Awful, i ignore you, i wipe you from my memory, i sweep you.

If i was polite, i would say “i like your wife”, but i am not polite then, i say to you “i don’t like her”.

I haven’t washed myself Madam, since France was defeated. And if nobody washed, France would be cleaner!

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