Favourite quotes in French classic movies (1) (Clouzot’s dialogues)

Henri-Georges Clouzot and Jérôme Geronimi wrote the dialogues of the movie “Les diaboliques” directed by Clouzot in 1955.

Henri-Georges Clouzot and Louis Chavance wrote the dialogues of the movie “Le corbeau” directed by Clouzot in 1943.

In the movie “Le corbeau”, Laura Vorzet tells to Dr. Germain : “You believe good is the light and shadow is evil…” Laura Vorzet oscillates the lamp hanging from the ceiling. “But where is the shadow? The light? We see the two faces changing from the shadow to the light… In other words, what is shadow could become light and inversely.

Sources : Imdb and https://films.oeil-ecran.com/2012/04/05/corbeau-clouzot/

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