The Gerbeaud café in Budapest, Hungary (2016)

I ate the famous Palascinta (Hungarian sweet pancakes) at the Gerbeaud café in Budapest, in 2016. It is a pastry with a blend of several flavours (apricot, walnuts, vanilla and chocolate). The atmosphere and decoration are elegant, chic and timeless.

In 1858, Henrik Kugler opened a café in Budapest ( József nádor Square). His shop moved to Vörömarty square in 1870. In 1882, Henrik Kugler met the French talented pastry chef Émile Gerbeaud. The year later, Émile Gerbeaud began his business partner. The French pastry chef introduced French products to Hungary like cognac cherry bonbon, cat’s tongue chocolate… In 1895, the name of Gerbeaud became internationally famous. In 1896, a restaurant opened (Gerbeaud pavillon). Émile Gerbeaud received several awards including the golden medal of the National Industrial Association and the French Legion of Honour.

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