A wonderful Christmas at Baden Baden in Germany (2016)

Baden Baden is a wonderful and pretty city in Germany. This is a thermal city, located in the southwest of Germany, in the land of Bade-Wurtemberg. It is in the Black Forest.

Germany’s map

It is closed to the French borders. Christmas is a very present tradition in Germany like in Alsace, France. Alsace and Germany have a lot of similarities especially for Christmas : the climate, pastries and abundant decorations. After the war of 1870/1871 between France and Germany, Alsace began German and remained German until the end of the First World War in 1918. In 1918, Alsace and Moselle became definitely French again.

The streets, shop windows, trees, each detail are decorated ; it is a magical atmosphere. The cakes and food are generous and tasteful. My favourite German salty specialities are Kazespätzle (pastas “Spätzles” with cheese), sausages, schnitzel and Pretzels. My favourite German cakes are the black forest, Stollen (also an Alsatian cake for Christmas), Schwobenbradele (shortbread biscuits ; also an Alsatian speciality), Apple strudel and cakes with marzipan (German almond paste). The marzipan and chocolate sweets are delicious.

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