Parisian pastries 2/2

The Flan pâtissier is a flan (an egg cream beaten with milk and baked in an oven) put on a short pastry.

« Baba au rhum is a light cake raised with yeast, containing raisins and dried fruits and soaked in a rum syrup. »

The Amandine tart also called Bourdaloue tart is a creation of the pastry cook Fasquelle, established rue Bourdaloue in Paris around 1850. It is a tart composed of almond cream ; fruits can be added like pears.

Moka is an old pastry (19th century) ; it is a coffee cake with a génoise and a coffee cream.

Puit d’amour is an old cake made up of puff paste, choux pastry and pastry cream.

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