The Goddess of Autumn Carpo

Mix of two paintings (Sylvia by Frank Dicksee, 1891 and The arched bridge by Trost Richards, 1869) and photo of a fall leaf.

In Greek mythology, the Horae or the Hours were the Goddesses of the classical three seasons : Spring (Thallo), Summer (Auxo) and Autumn (Carpo). They were Zeus and Aphrodite’s daughters.

Carpo was the goddess and personification of autumn, time of the ripening and harvests.

The Horae also designated three Goddesses of law and order, daughters of Zeus and Themis : Dike, Eunomia and Eirene.

Dike was the Goddess of morale justice.

Eunomia was the Goddess of order, lawful conduct and governing.

Eirene was the Goddess of peace and wealth.

Sources : greekmythology, Pinterest and mythology

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