The Art Deco Lady

Ilgiz Fazulzyanov earrings and pendant, Boucheron’s earrings (eyes), mother of peace texture and illustration by Wladyslaw Theodore Benda.
Art Deco emerged in 1925, at the World’s Fair in Paris, France. This art movement is called Art Deco in reference to the name of the “Exposition Internationale des Arts décoratifs et industriels modernes”.
Art Deco jewelry is characterized by geometric design (octagon, square, round, diamond…), architectural design (volume, geometric shapes…), carved gemstones, baguette cut gemstones, colored gemstones (emerald, sapphire…), emerald cut gemstones, tutti frutti jewelry, oriental influence (Asia), industrial style, African influence, symmetry, fan shape, overlay of metals and shapes, faceted diamonds and use of enamel, platinum, black onyx, pearls, jade and rock crystal…
Among the most famous Art Deco jewelers, there were Jean Fouquet, Raymond Templier, René Boivin, Suzanne Belperron, Boucheron and Cartier.

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