Une femme Byzantine parée de ses plus beaux atours

Byzantine mosaics and stain glass in the Palatine Chapel of the Norman palace (12th century) in Palermo, Sicily. Illustration by Tadarino of a woman wearing a Byzantine costume.

The palatine Chapel is in the Norman palace in Palermo, Sicily. The construction of the Palatine Chapel began in 1132. The edification of the chapel was ordered by the first King of Sicily, Roger II. The Chapel was dedicated to St. Paul and St. Pierre. In 1140, the Palatine Chapel is consacred. The Norman palace is the oldest Royal residence of the Sicilian Kings (King Roger II, It became the seat of Imperial Power of Frederic II and Conrad IV. At the first floor, there is the Palatine Chapel.
The style is Roman, Byzantine and Arabic. It is called “Arab-Norman” style. Sicily was under the influence of the Byzance (until 10th century), the Arabic Empire (10th century) and then, the Norman Empire (11-12th century). The Byzantine Empire leaves it an important marked on Sicily during the Norman domination (11-12th centuries).
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