Byzantine spirituality

Byzantine mosaics of the Martorana (Church of St. Mary of the Admiral) in Palermo, Sicily. Under the reign of King Roger, the Martorana was founded in 1143 by his high admiral George Antiochenos. The church Saint Maria dell’ Ammiraglio was renamed “La Martorana” in 1433.

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In 395, the Roman Empire is divided in two parts : the Roman Empire of Occident and the Roman Empire of Orient. After the fall of the Roman Empire of Occident in 476, only the Roman Empire of Orient remained under the name of Byzantine Empire. The capital of the Byzantine Empire was Constantinople (Istanbul now).
The official religion of the Byzantine Empire is the Orthodoxy. The Chief of the Church is the most important member of the Orin thodox Church and is called the Patriarch. Appointed by the Emperor, he is the second figure of the Byzantine Empire.
In 1054, the disagreements between the Pope and the Patriarch provoked the Schism ; two different churchs were born : The Orthodox Church in Orient and the Catholic Church in Occident.

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