At the time of Byzance

Dolce Gabbana dress and photo of mosaics in the Church of Martorana in Palerm, Sicily.
The church of Santa Maria dell’ Ammiraglio (The Martorana) is an example of Byzantine, Norman and arabic architecture (gold mosaics, geometric mosaics…). The Martorana is located in Parlem, Piazza Bellini, Sicily. It was built in 1143 under the reign of the King Roger II. The cupola represents the Christ and his archangels. The ceilings are blue starry sky. The gold Byzantine mosaics are delicate and splendid.
Through the centuries, the church was enriched by art ornaments from different cultures (Byzantine, Arabic, Norman cultures and architecture). The style of this Church is Arab-Normand with Byzantine mosaics. In the 12th century, Sicily is a mix of different cultures : Byzantine, Norman and Arabian. Sicily was at first Byzantine, then arabic in the 10th century and was conquered by the Normans in the XIth century and reached its peak in the XIIth century.

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