Favourite Russian brands

Jug of water with a matryoshka form, Russian fabric and cutting of honor in gold, offered to the Emperor Nicolas II, before 1899.
Alena Akhmadullina :
She founded in 2001 her eponym brand in St. Petersburg. It became a main figure of the Russian contemporary fashion. She presents her collections at the Paris Fashion Week pret-a-porter. She designs feminine, creative, poetic and art inspired clothes.
Personage :
Personage is a Russian contemporary fashion brand. The clothes are feminine and pretty.The website : personage.su
À la Russe by Anastasia Romantsova :
Anastasia Romantsova is the creator of À la Russe, inspired by her Russian heritage. Her clothes are romantic, graceful and timeless. She designs classic cut lines but with modern shapes and patterns. The website is alarusse.com.

Sources : inyourpocket.com and Pinterest

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