Favourite Polish fashion brands

Polish embroidered decorations (Pinterest).
Marie Zélie is a Polish fashion brand whose clothes are vintage inspired and made in Poland. The website : mariezelie.com

Marie Zélie

Karolina Baszak-Giska created the Aeterie brand in Poland (Warsaw). She designs clothes inspired by vintage style of the first half of the 20th century. The website : aeterie.com



I also like the Polish fashion brand “Miió“.


I like also the Polish fashion brand “Panna Rosa“.

Panna Rosa

I also like the Polish brand Przytulja.
Linencity is also a Polish clothing brand i like.


I like the polish brand Natabo.


Kirke is a Polish brand i like.


Jardin de Clémences is a Polish brand i like.

Jardin de clémence

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