The Palais-Royal in photos

The Palais-Royal (Paris 1) is my favourite place in Paris ; it is timeless and elegant. The arcades, the garden and old boutiques (selling stamps, medals, antiques, currency…) made of the Palais-Royal a quiet, timeless and lovely place.
Cardinal Richelieu (adviser of King Louis XIII) wanted a home near to the Louvre where the French King lived. That’s why, he bought from 1624, several town houses including the town house of Rambouillet. He asked the architecte Jacques Lemercier to transform the house of Rambouillet in a Palace (The Palais-Cardinal) in 1629.
In 1636, he gave the Palace to the King Louis XIII. The future king Louis XIV (during his childhood) was raised in this Palace during the Regency. In 1641, the Palais-Cardinal became the Palais-Royal. In 1649, Cardinal Richelieu bequeathed the Palais-Royal to the young Louis XIV. But, during the Fronde (1648-1653), insurgents entered by the force in the Palace. Upset, the king XIV didn’t wanted to stay in the Palais-Royal.
Louis XIV offered the Palais-Royal to the Orleans family, in particular to his brother Philippe of Orleans. In 1871, Louis-Philippe of Orleans (another member of the family) decided to built around the garden, shops, restaurants and a theater.
Over the time, the Palais-Royal had different functions such as the residence of the favorites, administratif offices under the Empire (Napoleon)…
The arcades and the garden were namely famous for having been the shelter of prostitutes and revolutionary conspirators.
Finally, the buildings were given back to the Orleans family in 1814. Until 1836, the High Society went to the Palais-Royal for entertainment.

Unfortunately, during the July Monarchy, the Palace was pillaged in 1848 and a part was destroyed during the Commune in 1871.

The Palace was restored for accommodating the Council of State in 1975. The constitutional council, the culture minister, the theater of the Palais-Royal and the French comedy (Molière played there) are also located in the Palais-Royal.

Celebrities lived in the Palais-Royal like the French writer Colette and the poet, illustrator and cineast Jean Cocteau. This place had been under the objective of prestigious photographer such as Robert Doisneau and Richard Avedon. Besides, models wore often famous fashion designers during photoshoots in the palais-Royal, like Christian Dior.

Vintage photos of the Palais-Royal :

Among shops in the Palais Royal i like, there are Didier Ludot (vintage fashion and jewelry), P.A.R.O.S.H (Italian fashion brand) and Delage (shoes brand). In addition, there is at the center a beautiful garden. The Véfour is a wonderful, prestigious and historic restaurant (I dream to eat there but it is very expansive).

Others reasons to visit the Palais-Royal are the Pol Bory fountain (1985) and the Buren columns (1986). I’m not a fan of it, it doesn’t fit with the classic architecture of the Palais-Royal (XVII century).

Besides, the Palais-Royal is regularly photographed for fashions brands (Dior…) and magazines (Vogue, Vanity Fair…).

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