Favourite culinary specialities in Bourgogne, France

Cheese gougère, snails of bourgogne, wine of Bourgogne and mustard are my Favourite culinary specialities in Bourgogne, France.
There are others specialities in Bourgogne like beef bourguignon (beef with wine, onions, bacon and mushrooms), wine rooster, truffle of bourgogne, Chablis wine, aligoté (wine), sauvignon, œuf en meurette (poached egg with red wine and bacon), marbled ham, pinot noir (wine), côte de nuit (wine), soumaintrain (cheese), mâconnais (cheese), saint-florentin (cheese), Brillat Savarin (cheese), Chaourse (cheese), pôchouse (river fishes with white wine), côte de Beaune (wine), patouille bourguignonne (potatoes gratin with onions), matelote of eel à la bourguignonne (eel pieces with red wine), chicken à la Gaston Gérard (chicken with fresh cream, rapped comte, butter and paprika), fondue bourguignonne (fondue of beef fried with oil), mustard of Dijon, potée bourguignonne (pork and small sausages with vegetables), ham of Morvan, cauliflower gratin with bacon, beef of Charolles, andouillette of Chablis, mustard rabbit…

Sources : cuisineaz, regal, specialitesculinaires and routard

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