The evil robot Maria of Metropolis

Black and white version :
Metropolis (directed by Fritz Lang, 1927) movie posters, Gérard Sandoz’s brooch (grey gold, diamonds, coral and black onyx, 1928) and Jean Fouquet‘s (Platinum, yellow gold, diamonds, coral and black onyx, 1920s) and pendentif (metal, red and black Lacquer, 1928). Art Deco jewels are namely influenced by the constructivism, futurist and the cubism movements.

In the futurist movie Metropolis directed by Fritz Lang, the inventor Rotwang creates a human machine but he needs a soul.

That’s why he decides to kidnap Maria in order to take her apparence… He succeed to create a version of Maria, identical with the original Maria.

The robot became the evil robot Maria. Through the Maria robot, Rotwang and Fredersen wants to mount a rebellion with the workers whereas the real Maria wanted peace and love.

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