Favourite sweet specialities in Bourgogne, France

Ginger bread, blackcurrant (fruit, jam, candies, cream, sirup…) and nonnettes (round small pastry with ginger bread, often with jam inside) are my favourite sweet specialities in Bourgogne, France.
There are other sweet specialities in Bourgogne like anise of Flavigny, gamblettes (small cakes with almond, ginger bread, peels, spices and candies fruits), cramaillotte (dandelion jelly with a touch of citruses), fantaisies bourguignonnes (doughnuts), sugared almonds, poire-belle of Dijon (pear poached in red wine topped with wine sirup, blended with blackcurrant cream and spices)…
The Bourgogne is a French region ; Dijon is the most important city.
Sources : keldelice, kissmychef, francevegetalienne and Wikipedia

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