A traditional Christmas in Alsace

Oscar de la Renta’s bird earrings, Jean Droit’s illustration of two Alsatian women called “Les vielles provinces de France, L’Alsace” and a Georges Ratkoff depicting the Alsatian city of Colmar.
From he 18th century and reached to its peak in the 19th century, the women’s Alsatian costume was composed of a long cotton blouse, a long and large skirt, a corselet, an apron with a big bow in the back and off course a headdress.

The headdress was typical of the Alsatian costume. It was not just a big black bow ; the colour of the ribbon varried according the religion and the area. Alsatian women wore the headdress to show their social identity, religion and marital status. They wore it in religious events (christenings, communions, confirmations…), weddings and funerals.

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