The vintage fashion House Molyneux

Edward Molyneux (1891-1974) was a British fashion designer based in Paris and known for his elegant and wearable clothes. He represented the Parisian chic and elegance. In 1911, he started as a sketcher after he won a design competition organized by the fashion designer Lucile.During the World War I, he joined the British army. When the war was over, he created his own fashion house in Paris. Soon, he opened shops in France (Monte Carlo, Cannes and Biarritz) and London. In the 1930s, he dressed European celebrities like Marina of Greece and Gertrude Lawrence. He also produced costumes for the theater and the cinema.
During the World War II, he returned to London where he designed “utility clothing” using restricted fabrics. After the war, he reopened his couture house in Paris.
In 1950, Edward Molyneux sold his label to Jacques Griffe (a former assistant) due to health issues. The house Molyneux exported French fashion to the United States of America : Importation of French clothes and copies of French models. The house also bought designs from famous American fashion designers such as Claire McCardell and Tina Leser in order to reproduce them in France. Unfortunately, the creations didn’t seduce customers in the 1960s.
Nevertheless, Edward Molyneux resumed to his business in 1965 : he founded Studio Molyneux making high end ready to wear. He retired definitely from his business in 1969. But, Studio Molyneux continued under the direction of John Tullis. In 1977, the fashion label closed.

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