The Art Deco fashion illustrator Georges Lepape

The French artist Georges Lepape (1887-1971) was a wellknown fashion illustrator. He graduated from the École des beaux arts in Paris (like André Édouard Marty and Georges Barbier). He illustrated Paul Poiret collections (“Les choses de Paul Poiret… vues par Georges Lepape”, 1911) but also Jeanne Lanvin creations. He collaborated with famous fashion magazines such as “La gazette du bon ton” (1912-1925), Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Femina… He was a major figure of the Art Deco fashion style. He was influenced by exotism and orientalism. His Art Deco style drawings were charming, stylised and poetic. Through his career, Georges Lepape collaborated with the most famous Parisian couturiers such as Paul Poiret, Worth, Jeanne Lanvin and Paquin. But he also worked with perfumers and furriers. His work went beyond fashion illustration, he contributed to the theatre (the Ballers Russes), cinema (posters) and book illustrations.

Vogue illustrations :

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