The vintage fashion House Maggy Rouff 

Maggy Rouff (1896-1971) was a French couturier, nicknamed “the architect of sewing”. Gifted with a remarkable technique, she loved playing with asymmetry and innovative shapes. In 1929, she bought with her husband the couture house “Drecoll” and renamed it in “Maggy Rouff”. The couture house was located 136 avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris. In 1937, she opened a second shop in London dedicated to the specific clientele. Besides, the couture house “Maggy Rouff” made costumes for the Cinema (“Si Versailles m’était conté” ; “La belle Américaine”…). Maggy Rouff had been at the head of her eponym couture house until 1948. Unfortunately, the house closed in 1979.

1920s fashion :

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