Favourite musical scenes in Anglo-Saxon movies

Alicia Vikander dances on the song “Cry to me” by Bert Berns in the movie “The man from U.N.C.L.E.” :

The credit scene on the song “Take care of business” by Nina Simone in the movie “The man from UNCLE” :

“I believe in love” sung by Lily Collins in the movie “Mirror mirror” :

The song “One of these mornings” by Moby played in the movie “Miami Vice” :

The song “Arranca” by Manzita in the movie “Miami vice” :

Scene from the Tarantino movie “Django Unchained” featuring the song “I got a name” by Jim Croce :

The escape scene with Jamie Fox on the John Legend song “Who did that to you?” in the Tarantino movie “Django unchained” :

Final scene of the Tarantino movie “Django unchained” on the song “Trinity (Titoli)” by Annibale e i cantori moderni :

Shoshanna prepares her revenge on the David Bowie song “Cat people” in the Tarantino movie “Inglorious basterds” :

Ennio Morricone music “Rabbia e tarantella” in the Tarantino movie “Inglourious basterds” :

Bill Murray as Zizou on the song “Queen bitch” by David Bowie in the movie “The life aquatic” :

The Nico song “These days” played in the movie “The Royal Tenenbaums” :

Intense and moving scene on the Elliott Smith’s song “Needle in the hay” in the movie “Royal Tenenbaums” directed by Wes Anderson :

The song “I’m shipping up to Boston” by Dropkick Murphys” in “The departed” directed by Martin Scorsese :

The song “Nightcall” by Kavinsky in the movie “Drive” :

Moving scene on the Hans Zimmer’s music in the movie “Interstellar” directed by Christopher Nolan :

Matthew McConaughey sings a chant in “The wolf of Wall Street” by Scorsese :

“If you could speak” in the movie “God help the girl” directed by Stuart Murdoch :

Pretty song “Pretty eve in the tub” performed by Olly Alexander in “God help the girl” directed by Stuart Murdoch :

“Musician, please take heed” sung by Emily Browning in the movie “God help the girl” directed by Stuart Murdoch :

The David Bowie’s song “Space oddity” in the movie “Secret life of Walter Mitty” :

Longboard scene with Ben Stiller on the JUNIP song “Far away” in “The secret life of Walter Mitty” :

Jim Jones at Botany Bay” sung by Jennifer Jason Leigh in the Tarantino’s movie “The hateful eight” :

Opening credits on the “Goldeneye” song in the James Bond movie :

Renée Zellweger and Ewan McGregor getting prepared on the song “Fly to the moon” (Astrud Gilberto and Frank Sinatra) in “Down with love” :

Party scene on the song “Lazy sunday” by The Small Faces in the movie “The boat that rocked” :

Tom Cruise dancing on the Flo Rida’s song “Low” in the movie “Tropic Thunder” :

Will Ferrell sings “Whole Wide World” by Wreckless Eric in  the movie”Stranger than fiction” :

“Rhapsody in blue” is played in the opening scene of the Woody Allen movie “Manhattan” :

Ending scene on the song “Don’t you (Forget About Me)” in the movie “The breakfast club” :

Dance scene on the song “We are not alone” in the movie “Breakfast club” :

Jon Cryer dances on the song “Try a little tenderness” in the movie “Pretty in pink” :

Abigail Breslin dancing on the song “Superfreak” in the movie “Little Miss Sunshine” :

Lucy Liu arriving on the song “The house of blue leaves “in the movie “kill Bill Vol. 1” :

Club scene in the movie “Collateral” on the Paul Oakenfold song “Ready steady go” :

Opening scene of the James Bond, “Live and let die” : 

Funeral scene at New Orleans in  the James Bond movie, “Live and let die” :

“Think” sung by Aretha Franklin in “The Blues brothers” :

The song “Rawhide” in the movie “The blues brothers” :

“Shake a tail feather” sung by Ray Charles in the movie “The Blues Brothers” :

The song “Can’t take my eyes off you” in the movie “The deer hunter” :

“The riddle of the model” in the movie “Sing street” :

“Girls” in the movie “Sing street” :

“Drive it like you stole it” in the movie “Sing street” :

“Brown shoes” in the movie “Sing street” :

“Zach’s song” in the movie”The school of rock” starring Jack Black :

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