The American vintage artist and illustrator Edna Crompton

Edna Crompton (1882-1952) was an American artist and illustrator from the “Golden Age of illustration“. She painted with oil on canvas, portraits of women. Mainly in the 1920s, her oil paintings were used as covers in American magazines like The Saturday Evening Post, Redbook magazine, The modern Priscilla and Metropolitan. Besides, she also created art calendars for the Osborne Calendar Company.

Graceful oil portrait paintings realised by Edna Crompton :

There is a great video about Edna Crompton :

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  1. Both my grandmothers were models for Edna Crompton. My father’s mother, Viola, 1917-1921
    My mother’s mother, Iris, 1921-27. A third of those shown here are of them.

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