The French vintage Fashion House Jean Patou

The French couturier Jean Alexandre Patou (1887-1936) opened his dressmaker salon in 1912 named “Maison Parry”, located at roundabout of the Champs-Elysées in Paris. Becoming successful, he relocated his fashion house at the 7 rue Saint-Florentin in Paris and renamed it “Jean Patou & Cie” in 1914. He presented his first collection under his own name in 1919. The French couturier succeeded to export the French chic and to conquer the American market. America nicknamed him “The man the most elegant of Europe”. During the 1920s and 1930s, Jean Patou was the greatest rival of Coco Chanel.

In 1987, the couture division of the Jean Patou House stopped. In 2001, Procter and Gamble bought the assets of the limited company Jean Patou Parfumeur relating to the fabrication and distribution activities of the products Jean Patou and Lacoste. In 2004, the Jean Patou House moved to 5 rue Castiglione in Paris. In 2011, the English group Designer Parfums acquired the Jean Patou House.

In 2018, the luxury group LVMH took the control of Jean Patou. The group wants to renew the fashion segment. The stylist Guillaume Henry is appointed as the artistic directed of Jean Patou.

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  1. Hi there, thanks for this post, its a great timeline of the Patou house. I have a Jean Patou dress that I’m trying to work out the era of, it seems to fit in the early 60’s Lagerfeld era to me judging by the other images. If I emailed a picture, do you think you’d know when it was made, or could you please point me in the direction of someone who would?
    Thanks so much

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