The vintage fashion photographer Henry Clarke

Henry Clarke (1918-1996) was an renowned American fashion photographer. In 1950, he began to work with Vogue French, UK and US editions. This collaboration lasted more than 25 years. He shot famous models like Suzy Parker, Ann Sainte Marie and Bettina. Beside his fashion photoshoots, he also took portraits of celebrities such as Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Monica Vitti… The Musee de la mode in Paris possesses the archives of Henry Clarke.

Thanks to his talented pictures, we can see the evolution of fashion between the fifties and the sixties. During the fifties, he captured the elegance and glamour of Haute couture. The model poses are very sophisticated and the light manified women. In the sixties, Henry Clarke travelled for Vogue in exotic countries (India, Syria, Iran, Mexico…) to produce fashion photoshoots. These photos are a total escape with exotic landscapes and architecture. A real freedom, joy and liveliness emerge from his photographs during the 60’s.

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