Rita Hayworth, the dancer

Born Margarita Carmen Cansino, Rita Hayworth was a dancer with her father before acting. She was a very talented dancer ; she used this talent in many movies. She performed with the two best dancer actors : Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. She was the favourite dance partner of Fred Astaire. Both graceful and energetic, watching her performances is always an enchantment.

Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth did tap dance together in an amazing way in the movie “You’ll never get rich” (1941) :

In the movie “You Were Never Lovelier” (1942), Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth performed extraordinary dances :

Rita Hayworth worked with the other best dancer actor of her time : Gene Kelly in the movie “Cover girl” (1944) :

Rita Hayworth performed two mythic dances (“Put the blame on me” and “Amado mio”) in the great movie “Gilda” (1946). In this version of “Put the blame on me”, Rita Hayworth was doubled by Anita Ellis but in the guitar version, it’s the Rita’s real voice.

In “The loves of Carmen” (1948), her talent of flamenco dancer was highlighted :

In “Affair in Trinidad” (1952), Rita Hayworth proved once again her talent :

In “Salome” (1953), she performed sensual and seductive dances :

There are videos paying tribute to the fabulous talent of dancer Rita Hayworth had :

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