1950’s vintage dresses

One of the key pieces of the fifties is the Corolla dress : a tight bust and an oversize petticoat. The French couturier Christian Dior created the Corolla dress ; it belongs to the “New Look” style. In 1954, Dior presented the “H-line” : a silhouette relatively straight from the shoulders to the hips. It was a sheath dress with a scoop neck and a dropped waist. In 1958, Yves Saint Laurent for Dior launched the trapeze dress : a fitted top just under the bust and flared out in a slim A line to the knee.

Besides, during the fifties, the floral, tropical, plaid, polka dot, gingham check and stripe patterns were very used .  Another key piece of the 1950s is the shirtwaist dress : a fitted button-down top ending at the waist and a full skirt. The bell shape dress was also a trend in the 50’s : a tailored and fitted bodice and a skirt started at the waist, puffed out around the hips, and then fitted at the calf, creating a bell-shaped skirt.

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