Wandering in the shade of flowering trees in the charming Place Dauphine in Paris

La place Dauphine is one of my favourite places in Paris because it is lovely, peaceful and in a very pleasant district. Place Dauphine has a triangle shape and is located in the first district between le Palais de justice and Place du Pont Neuf. At the center of this place, there is a charming square (2 665 m2). In this place, there are also restaurants, cafés and law libraries. This famous place was mentioned several times in the French culture. For instance, Jacques Dutronc’s song “Il est cinq heure, Paris s’éveille” talks about the Place Dauphine.

In 1607, Henri IV took the decision to construct the western point of l’Ile de la Cité. Achille de Harlay (President of the Parliament) was in charge of the construction of a range of houses in the spirit of the Place Royale (Current “Place des Vosges”). The “Place Dauphine” was the second Royal place after “La place des Vosges”. 32 identical houses made of white stones, red bricks and slate with a architectural unity were built. Henry IV chose himself to call this place “Place Dauphine” to pay tribute to his son, le Dauphin (the future Louis XIII born in 1601).

Place Dauphine in 1615

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