The Saadian tombs in Marrakech

The Saadian tombs (discovered in 1917) were built under the reign of the Sultan Ahmed el Mansour in the 16th century. It was a burial site for himself and his descendants. About two hundred members of the Saadian dynasty were buried there. The Saadian (or Zaydanides) are a cherifian Arab dynasty coming from the Dra√Ę valley. From 1554 to 1659, they controlled Morocco whereas the central and oriental Maghreb were dominated by the Ottomans.

The decoration is fabulously rich, refined and colorful : carved marble and wood, multicolor¬† geometric mosaics, domed ceilings…. The more spectacular chamber is the “Hall of Twelve Columns” with marble columns, decorated doors and ceilings. Besides, the tombals are in a pretty garden adorned by flowers and palm trees.

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