A royal tea time with Marie-Antoinette at Nina’s in Paris

Nina’s was orginally a perfume distillery company founded in 1672 by Pierre Diaz. This firm was the supplier of fragrances for King Louis XIV and the Court of Versailles. The Queen Marie-Antoinette liked particulary the lavender and rose fragrances. Today, it is a tea room using the fruits from the King’s Kitchen Garden in Versailles. Nina’s proposes many perfumed tea, gourmet food, tableware and fruit beverages.

The decoration is refined and marvellous  with the Marie-Antoinette’s bust, the rose petals, the luster and the gold ornaments. I tasted the famous Marie-Antoinette tea (black tea with rose and apples). It is a very tasty and pleasant tea. I also degusted the Marie-Antoinette cake (apple, rose and chocolate). This pastry is delicious and very pretty with its pink colour!

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