A chic Russian tea time at the “Café Pouchkine” in Paris

Café Pouchkine is one of my favourite pastry houses because the pastries are sumptuous and it transports us in a magnificent Russian universe! Cakes are very refined gustatory and visually. French pastries are revisited with Russian products and some Russian pastries like Medovick are reinterpreted. Damien Piscioneri is the pastry chef.

My favourites are the Saint-Honoré Tvorog and eclair Tvorog. Tvorog is a white cheese which is very popular in Russia. It is delicious! Café pouchkine uses often edible glitter flakes which lighten the pastries! I tasted also the hot chocolate which is a real one with spices. It is very savoury and tasty! In addition, the baroque Russian decor is beautiful and shiny with gold ornaments and chandeliers. It is a very pleasant change of scenery. The menu in English : Menu_EN and in French : MENU_SAINT-GERMAIN.

Saint Honoré Tvorog


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