Sixties fashion !

In the sixties, the Focus on fashion stwitched from Paris to London. For a few years in the 1960s, London was the world capital of cool. There is a Photoshooting scene from the movie “Blow up” directed by Antonioni in 1966.In the sixties, the sophisticated women of the fifties with designed shapes is replaced by a women with a flat and more geometric silhouette. The ready to wear is in full swing whereas the Haute couture sector is decelerating. Courrèges, Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent started to sell their own ready to wear through department stores.

The Mod (“modernist”) look appeared in the late 1950s in Britain and is popularized in the mid 60s.
The mods are the new English youth ; they are contrariant and from the working-class. The sixties are characterized by the women’s liberation ; active women are looking for clothes which foster free movement. Fashion is sexier with the mini skirt (created by Mary Quant in 1962 and put onto the catwalk by André Courrèges in 1965), oversize sunglasses and boots. Clothes reserved before to the men are henceforth worn by women : trousers, trenches and suits.

The monochrome (black and white) geometric prints of Op Art is very widespreaded in the sixties. Optical art was born in 1955 and used phenomena of optical illusions. Op Art patterns started appearing on everything. The famous Op art designer Vasarely collaborates with textile firms.

Futurist syle is also a fashion trend in the sixties. André Courrèges creates a collection named “Space Age”. Geometric shapes and silver colour are retaken by Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin. Inspired by the space conquest and the sci-fi, designers create new shapes and use original materials (PVC, vinyl, metal, rubber…).

Pop Art has also an important influence on fashion during the mid 1960s. Graphic work of Pop artists are printed onto clothing. Yves Saint Laurent creates one of the most iconic dress : the Mondrian shift dress.

Flower power : floral prints are very popular in the sixties, in particular the daisy pattern.

Baby doll fashion also appears in the sixties. Twiggy, Sylvie Vartan and France Gall are examples of the woman-child look.

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