The Beethoven frieze by Gustav Klimt

The Beethoven frieze by Gustav Klimt is a 34 metres mural painting representing an interpretation of the “Ninth Symphony” by Ludwig Van Beethoven.

It is composed of three successive scenes :

– The torments of Humanity (disease, madness, death, lust, excess and fornication).

– The prayers of the Humanity to the Hero, incarnation of the external forces.

– Ode to joy. The choirs of angels in heaven praise the human felicity. The embrasing couple represent this one.

The Beethoven frieze by Gustav Klimt can be admired in the “Secession building” in Vienna. I had the chance to see this wonderful Klimt’s painting. It is huge and fascinating. My favourite part of the frieze is the last scene with the choirs of angels in heaven. I love the gold patterns, the flowers and the angels’ facial expression.

A video of “the Ninth Symphony” by Beethoven :

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